Pool Safety Rules

Pool Rules

A complete list of pool rules and regulations are posted at the main gate to the pool. Here are some important reminders to consider:

  • Children are not allowed to sit on the edge of pool during break.
  • Stay off the lane rope and out of the lap lane when it’s being used.
  • Horseplay in-and-out of the pool is not allowed.
  • Floats are not allowed in the diving well area.
  • One person on diving board only. On high dive, only one person may be on the landing stairs behind the board.
  • Proper use of diving board requires the diver to go off the board and exit the water immediately to right or left (no swimming back to board).
  • Encourage taller and older children to move towards the deeper end of the pool when the shallow area is crowded with younger swimmers.
  • Food is not permitted around the pool (inside fenced area) by members, guests, or employees.
  • Diving blocks may not be used without lifeguard permission.
  • No talking or distracting lifeguards in their chairs unless it specifically pertains to their duties.
  • Any abuse of the Southland facility or pool observed by a member should be reported immediately.
  • Please use special care in the parking lot area, there are young children always around.
  • Practice Good Hygiene by taking a soap and water shower at home or at the pool before entering water.
  • Avoid swallowing pool water.
  • Children and adults who have diarrhea should not enter the pool.
  • Escort young children to the toilet frequently and clean their bottoms thoroughly before allowing them back into the pool.
  • Infants and younger children who wear diapers or pullups are required to wear swim diapers in both pools.
  • Stool or fecal matter found in either pool will result in the evacuation and closing of the pool for 24 hours. This is the law.
  • A lifeguard may be present at the baby pool during peak times.
  • But, it is the responsibility of all parents to supervise their younger children in the baby pool at ALL times, even if a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Remember, no one does a better job of watching your child at the pool than you. Please put your child’s safety first and foremost.