Member Information


Independent Children and Sitters

 Children must be 14 years of age by May 24, 2019

Sitters must be 14 years of age by May 24, 2019

If not meeting the age requirement, individuals will be asked to wait at the deck until the member can come and pick them up.

Membership Fees are Due May 1, 2019

Members must renew for 2019 by sending in Membership Fees.  Please use this form to send fees through the mail.

If Dues are not received by May 1, all pool privileges will be revoked. If not paid by June 1, 2019, membership may be suspended.


Member Sign-In

For your safety Southland Family Club now has a pool check in system requiring a
photo and numeric sign in for all Southland Family Club members.

Your ID number is the last four digits of your home phone number.


Southland Family Club welcomes guests and enjoys having them. Please follow these guidelines for your guests:

  • Guests must be accompanied by a member. This rule must be followed.  Pool management will not allow any non-member to enter the pool unless they are accompanied by a member and all guest fees are paid in full.
  • Each family/member is allowed 25 “local” guests each season. Local guests are those whom live in Warren County. There are no set limits on guests whom live outside of Warren County.
  • Each guest must be noted on the sign in sheet when entering by the member.
  • Guest entry fee is $5 per guest (3 years of age and older), per visit, paid in full at the sign-in desk. If no staff member is present at the desk, pay the $5 guest fee at the concession stand.
  • These guest fees help provide for the purchase of new and improved pool furnishings. If guest fees are not paid, guests will not be allowed to enter pool, or asked to leave.

Children Living Outside of Household

Children who live outside of the member’s household and are not dependents of a member family must have their own membership. Membership can be easily transferred within a family.